The glamour of Joan Collins

Span Joan Collins 1962Joan Collins is likely to be all over the media in coming weeks with the appearance of a biography by Graham Lord. Today’s Daily Mail starts a serialisation of the book, starting with her wild days in Hollywood (she went over there in 1954 at the age of 21). It reminds us that Fleet Street christened her ‘Britain’s Bad Girl’ and ‘The Coffee Bar Jezebel’.

There is a tale told about Collins at one of the health farms. It had a sauna used by the men in the morning and the women in the afternoon. The men refused to leave one day and a queue of women developed. La Collins appeared, pushed to front and shouted ‘You lot had better leave or I’ll drop my towel and come in there naked.’ The men all meekly trapsed out!

The cover above is of copy of pocket monthly Span from 1962 when she was at the height of her pin-up powers. The cover below is from 34 years later when editor Richard Barber (who had edited Woman’s Own, Radio Times and Clothes Show) chose her to front the first weekly issue of OK!.

Joan Collins on OK! cover

Men’s magazines A to Z


3 Responses to “The glamour of Joan Collins”

  1. Jaypeg Says:

    Crikey! That’s a great picture of Joan Collins. It’s a shame it’s so small though! Bigger bigger!

  2. magforum Says:

    I seem to have flushed out some Joan Collins fans! Click on either image to see larger versions at or go to
    Enjoy! Enjoy!

  3. Alexis Morell Says:

    Follow fake Joan Collins on Twitter!


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