Town – a miracle of hot metal

Town at

Things to Look At has put up some spreads from Town magazine of the 1960s. A comment there reminds me that it was all done in hot metal, before the days of phototypesetting, never mind DTP. Another superb title in hot metal was Car magazine when it was FF Publishing. Paul Horrell, a sub I worked with at Redwood, went off to Car in about 1984 – when it was still published in hot metal. Soon after, the magazine was sold to Emap and leapfrogged photosetting to go straight on the Macs running Quark. How many many magazines did that, I wonder?

Car in 1962Vintage Motorshop is selling two collections of Car on Ebay. They’re both buy-it-now listings for £1,200 (408 issues) and £275 (40 early issues).


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